Tuesday, April 23, 2013

4-23-2013 New Beginnings

I am including this video because there are a bunch of links within the first few minutes of the video that I DARE you to click on and watch!  
I mean what is going on and all I've researched all just makes too much sense to ignore.
However I do believe that there must be balance.  I can't become consumed with all the negative crap our "leaders" are and have been doing to us....I must stay present in the moment, and I must remain clear and productive in my life.  Remember one person's contribution to themselves only contributes to the betterment of society as a whole.  The universe wants you to be selfish and value yourself more than anyone and thing else. I always thought it was about what you did for others that made the world a better place, and sure it does in a way, but when someone begins helping another while neglecting themselves in the process, then the balance is gone and it can take a lot to even recognize what's wrong before you realize you just lost your balance....before you know it your life is a mess and you haven't a clue how to fix it.  I feel it's important not to get to this point as it becomes harder to even see clearly from this vibration. and you need to be aware of the problems your fixing........................................
Specifically it becomes really difficult when you love someone who doesn't want to help themselves...or see any of the positive aspects of life.  They  just seem to want to dwell and do anything they can to stay in that lonely, victimized place....
God I've got to get away from him.

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

I think life is about learning more than anything...and every single person in our lives is meant to teach us something.....every experience contributes to this layer of resilance that is almost necessary to survive in this world...with each year we gain more life experience and we perfect the way we interact with our surroundings.  Most people are negative because they choose to focus their attention on their stresses and all the things the need to get done or didn't get done, what bill they have to pay and how their going to be broke once the bills are paid....then how will they survive? This way of thinking just attracts more of the same. 

If you look at yourself as being energy with your very own magentic field, then you will see how you are just like a magnet and whatever your energy is, positive or negative, will determine what you attract more of . It's as simple as that.



What is more important to you.....your health or whether you sweat or not?

If you look at it this way you will change your mind:

I used to be one of these women who didn't want sweat marks, and wanted to always feels dry so I did what everyone else around me did, used deodarant with anti persperant to combate the "sweaty pit syndrome"....Now if you think about what armpits are meant to do and what we are doing by placing an ANTI-perspirant there...you will come to the conclusion that this is just not natural.  Sweating is the body's natural way of excreting toxins and ANTI perspirants stop that natural occurance from happening, so that in itself is reason enough to discontinue using it as far as I'm concerned...

instead use mild soap and water thru out the day along with a natural DEODARANT INSTEAD


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