Monday, February 14, 2011

Quick thought....

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So okay I'm finally SAG Eligible but in order to get the card it's like $2,200.00, and I am a "struggling actress", it took so much just to get the eligibility (two years of looking for work and going on countless auditions), and then they send you this congratulations letter welcoming you to the "Elite" Screen Actors Guild Union, but you have to pay to play as they say. I know it will be worth it in the long run, I just honestly can't afford it. After having this horrible past year and my recent surgeries, I've been unable to work enough to save up that kind of money. I just hope I didn't work up this great momentum working so closely with Ben Affleck, in "The Town" , which I plan on writing a whole post just about that experience because I feel it's DEFINTLY worth sharing, and Adam Sandler and Chris Rock in "Grown Ups", I got to have conversations with Tom Cruise during the filming of the airport scene of "Knight and Day", filmed here in Worcester, Ma, and got to meet some amazing people the Two Years before last and I really hope, dream and pray even though these people I worked with may work with a thousand people a day, that they will still remember me when I make it to L.A. I feel you meet and talk to everyone for a reason and I consider myself blessed to have gotten to speak to such amazing people that are living the dream I dream. I can not wait until the day when I am able to show the whole world what I am capable of. I have to stay positive and on the right path.

until my next impulse to write.....TKS

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