Thursday, May 16, 2013

Doesn't ANYONE listen anymore? I'm SO tired of people.  I don't even know where to direct this so I'll just use the term people because it just seems like everyone is "out to lunch"....I have to repeat myself and deal with losers wondering if I'm mad at them or not b/c THEY CAN'T PAY ATTENTION and have self esteem issues and read into stuff WAY too deep? Why should I have to waste time with insecure energy suckers that basically do just that....drain me so I can't get anything done until I get on my lil "secret" weapon, writing, though I'm finding typing is easier on my joints, I think I have carpel tunnel or whatever....anyway.....

I Feel...............Annoyed....I wasted SO much time helping everyone else basically to avoid facing my own stuff, but nonetheless, that is the situation. Now I'm in my 30's and feeling my sharpest mentally as I have really taken a particular interest in my overall well-being and have started listening to binaural beats to decalcify my pineal gland, which has been all blocked up from the flouride I've ingested over the years, look it up, anywayas I have started to feel better and feel more connected to myself, I realize I need to relocate more than ever....the people I'm surrounded with are straight up STUPID....most people don't take the time to do this stuff to better themselves and they look at what I'm talking about as BS cause where is the information on any of it? Why havent they heard about it? have you ever thought maybe
"they" didnt want you to hear about it? thats why prior to 1995 all information had been destroyed....hhhhmmmm interesting....We are so powerful but the pharmaceuticals make us weak and broken and dependant.....Being dependant and a slave to a system is no fun and that is where we are headed.....just a few more years mark my words, the end is near.....we need to stop being cuaght up in our EGO's and start paying the ________ attention!

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