Saturday, May 4, 2013

May 4th 2013

        Happy Birthday to me! I just can't get over how much I DO NOT feel like I'm in my early 30's at all! High School and College seem like only a few years ago, rather than 20! God, I feel old when I think of it that way.....anyway....when looking at the ENTIRE picture....I think I did okay for myself considering.....I mean how many people can say they have been through the kind of stuff I have and aren't on any prescription meds, or drugs, or better yet straight "nutz"...It's interesting to me really....everything I've learned....I'm grateful today.... more than any other feeling, grateful is where I'm at today. 

     Are there things I'd change today if I could? Sure.  Just for fun....this is what I WOULD change if I could change ANYTHING I wanted:

1. I would gain the ability to bear a child naturally and experience motherhood first hand.
2. I would make it so everyone would travel by horse and buggy, and get rid of ALL the cars...if you have to travel long distances then you would take the train or bus, but no more cars.....everyone lives, eats, consumes locally and when they need to travel only then do they need to worry about taking public transportation.  This would bring back humanity's appreciation for animals, as we would be depending on them for something other than a food source and vice/verse, the way nature intended us to work together AND we would stop polluting our atmosphere so much b/c we wouldn't need as much gas ect. 
3. Everyone would be required to farm and contribute to their community by setting up a bartering contract with a neighbor, so everyone is able to get a variety of meat, veggies, & potatoes. Ex: I would grow potatoes, while my neighbor grows corn, then we would trade each other.
4.  Cannabis would be legal and nicotine, alcohol, sodium fluoride, ammonium oxide, and any other chemical or non plantlike substances used or fed to the general public would be BANNED and any person found with would be punished and or fined.
5. Meditation, Yoga, and any other exercises used to de-calcify the pineal gland will be required to do, until your pineal gland excretes DMT on a regular basis.  Each individual must share in the experience of attaining enlightenment!

To Be Continued......

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