Thursday, May 16, 2013

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Thursday, May 16th 2013, 8:30am

        I'm really starting to see how EVERYTHING DOES HAPPEN FOR A REASON and WE ATTRACT EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED .....(if we ask that is, sometimes people would rather dwell in their state of misery....hhhmmm not me! :))  So anyway my point is, I'm feeling really blessed in my life right now....Financially I'm still struggling, a "starving", though I'm not technically starving, so I could  say "struggling" but anyway, who isn't in this country right now....or this planet I should say.....

         What I'm seeing more and more is how regardless of the circumstance or situation I somehow KNOW inside that this is ONLY temporary and everything will all work out because I have a plan.  Baby Steps, Dont freak over the stuff I can't control right now...."IT IS what IT IS"....acceptance is HUGE.  We muck things all up b/c we tend to get all caught up in the Emotion of it all, Emotion only exists in the EGO however though so if we can learn how to NOT allow our feelings to manifest themselves into actions ect....I think you get my point.

      I'm just thankful because I was in a very dark place not to long ago and just recently I began praying and asking "the air"(literally I would talk into thin air)... to show me a sign that I was in the right state at least for now and that everything would be okay.....  and I always believed in a divine creator and I do refer to it as my GOD, but at this time I was questioning the details of what I believed......anyway....about a month or so later I received my sign loud and clear.....

     On my way to record with these 2 guys I had never met before I received what I refer to as "my guiding light".  I was being asked to sing and work on this project with this "singer" Lets call him "Mike", so Mike heard me singing at the horrible audition I had with the band he had been covering for, "Hard Candy".... that I think I mentioned in my last post "pitch bitch" as we are headed there we have to turn onto "Tiffany Rd." before arriving at the home/studio of Gary (the Engineer/Producer) and Eddie(The Lyricist/Musician).
      Now it wasn't until I met and got to work with Gary specifically that I realized that all of this is one of those things that really makes you believe there is something behind the scenes watching, driving, helping you and sometimes I almost think it's you being so connected to yourself and your inner power that I asked for help and I provided myself.   I mean....I essentially chose to go to that audition, where I met Mike, who called me and asked me to meet Gary/Eddie and sing with him, of which point in time I met my answer to my prayers.  Gary believes in me and supports me musically like a father would support his child...(I never had ANY support when it came to making singing a career, I remember being told it was a hobby and to shut up when I would sing in the house, or in the shower growing up, it seemed like my mother resented me for my I annoyed her....and today.... 20 years later she only texts/calls/keeps in touch for holidays and my birthday...every other day I'm on my's obvious now she never LOVED me and I'm accepting that.. you can see by the difference in the way my sister/brother is treated).....I'm grateful for my Producer Gary though.....he absolutely believes in my gift so much that he has reignited that flame and I'm beginning to really believe in myself, which I just recently realized I never truly did believe in myself.  I haven't felt this alive in a longtime.  I've written 4 songs so far and laid down 3, this album will be done in no time, I'm auditioning left and right again, and I have one tomorrow that is for a big role so let me tootles.

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